SECUR202 - The Cisco Integrated Threat Defense Investigation and Mitigation Course Details:

This course will introduce students to network threat investigation and then reinforce student learning through a series of lab scenarios designed to identify relationships between the Cisco products and the stages of the attack lifecycle. This course is the second in a pair of courses covering the Cisco Integrated Threat Defense (ITD) solution.

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Module 1: Network Threat Investigation Introduction

  • Network Attack Introduction

  • Hunting Network Threats in the Enterprise

Module 2: Investigation and Mitigation of Email Malware Threats

  • Examining Email Malware Threats

  • Investigating and Verifying Email Malware Threat Mitigation

Module 3: Investigation and Mitigation of Email Phishing Threats

  • Examining Email Phishing Attacks

  • Configuring Cisco ESA for URL and Content Filtering

  • Investigating and Verifying Email Phishing Threat Mitigation

Module 4: Investigation and Mitigation of Data Exfiltration Threats

  • Exploiting Vulnerable Network Servers

  • Investigating Data Exfiltration Threats

  • Mitigating and Verifying Data Exfiltration Threats

Module 5: Investigation and Mitigation of Malware Threats

  • Examining Endpoint Malware Protection

  • Investigating and Mitigating Endpoint Malware Threats

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the stages of the network attack lifecycle and identify ITD solution platform placement based on a given stage
  • Detail how to locate and mitigate email malware attacks
  • Describe email phishing attacks and the steps taken to locate and mitigate them on the network
  • Identify and mitigate data exfiltration threats on the network
  • Identify malware threats on the network and mitigate those threats after investigation

Lab 1: Connecting to the Lab Environment
Lab 2: Threat Scenario 1: Email Malware Attachments
Lab 3: Threat Scenario 2: Email-Based Phishing
Lab 4: Threat Scenario 3: Targeted Network Server Threats and Data Exfiltration
Lab 5: Threat Scenario 4: Endpoint Malware Investigation and Mitigation

The knowledge and skills that a student must have before attending this course include:

  • Technical understanding of TCP/IP networking and network architecture
  • Technical understanding of security concepts and protocols
  • Familiarity with Cisco Identity Services Engine, Cisco Stealthwatch, Cisco Firepower, and Cisco AMP for Endpoints

This course is designed for technical professionals who need to know how to use a deployed Integrated Threat Defense (ITD) network solution to identify, isolate, and mitigate network threats.

The primary audience for this course includes:

  • Network analysts
  • Network investigators

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