ViPR SRM 4 Maintenance Course Details:

The goal of the course is to provide knowledge on how to proactively detect potential issues in the ViPR SRM platform and to address them to alleviate the risk of loss of service of the ViPR SRM platform. The course begins with a holistic view of the platform before entering in components and architecture details. The course then covers common tasks in monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintaining of the backend, frontend, and collection layers of the platform. The final topic of this course covers backup and recovery, and upgrades of the ViPR SRM platform. In order to better integrate the concepts presented, some labs and demos activities are provided.

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The content of this course is designed to support the course objectives. 

  1. Theory of Operations

ViPR SRM Architecture

Maintenance Overview

  1. Backend Operations

Backend Overview

Monitoring and Troubleshooting APG Backend

Topology Services Overview

Adding an Additional Backend

Adding an Additional Alerting Backend

  1. Frontend Operations

Frontend Overview

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Adding an Additional Frontend

  1. Collection Operations

Collector Overview 

Collector Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Expanding the Collection Platform

Collection Management Tools

  1. Backup and Upgrade Operations

Backup a ViPR SRM Solution

ViPR SRM Upgrade

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

Describe some key maintenance tasks on major components of: Backends, Frontends, and Collectors

Demonstrate how to work with SolutionPacks and techniques to discover new devices

Describe monitoring and troubleshooting procedures

Describe upgrade, update, and backup and restore procedures

To understand the content and successfully complete this session, an individual must have a suitable knowledge base/skill set. 

The individual must have an understanding of: 

ViPR SRM product concepts

ViPR SRM installation concepts

Basic system administration concepts

This session is intended for those responsible for installing, implementing, or supporting ViPR SRM 4.0.

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