ViPR SMR 4 Implementation and Management Course Details:

This course covers initial installation, configuration, and validation of a ViPR SRM deployment using both the vApp and Binary methods. Lecture and labs will support performing frontend and backend administration, platform expansion, SolutionPack deployment, alerting, and related troubleshooting procedures. Hands-on labs assist the learner to integrate and practice the skills introduced in class, and provide real-life experiences with selected SolutionPacks and common administrative tasks.

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  1. Site Validation:

ViPR SRM Architecture Review 

Documentation and Tools

Installation Prerequisites

Site Validation

  1. ViPR SRM Installation

Planning for deployment

ViPR SRM Installation packages

ViPR SRM Base Installation

Scaling out the ViPR SRM Platform

  1. Platform Management

Centralized Management User Interface

ViPR SRM Administration with Centralized Management

  1. SolutionPacks

ViPR SRM SolutionPacks Overview

Application SolutionPack Installation

Storage SolutionPack Installation

Infrastructure SolutionPack Installation

Device Discovery

  1. Frontend Administration

Frontend Overview

Users, Profiles, and Roles

Authentication Integration

  1. Alert Configuration and Maintenance

Introduction to Alerting

Managing Alert Rules

  1. Security

Securing the platform

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

Implement the requirements of a ViPR SRM pre-installation and installation

Demonstrate where the product documents and information is located

Validate a ViPR SRM installation using the EMC M&R Health SolutionPack

Install, configure, and verify storage-related SolutionPacks

Configure and integrate users, roles, and profiles with LDAP authentication 

Enable, disable, customize, and manage default alerts

This course is intended for those that install and manage ViPR SRM.

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