Leading Transformation Course Details:

Today, all organizations experience change. Technology, competition, shareholder interests, mergers, acquisitions, and customer and market demands all drive change, perhaps even more so now than in the past. Whether that change is relatively small, such as changing a procedure, or relatively large, such as integrating an acquisition, neither will happen without the support of the people being asked to make the change.

Leading Transformation is designed for those leading others through change. It combines the latest ideas, models, tools, and adult learning techniques into one powerful business education package that gives leaders the skills they really need to lead transformation-online and on the ground.

Benefits for the Individual

  • Better and faster understanding of the correlation between the level of change and its impact on how people respond to the change
  • Greater success in implementing change action plans because they encompass facts and feelings about the change
  • Improved communication about the change through the use of clear, powerful change models that can be shared with all those involved in the change
  • Improved ability to lead or to coach a transformation team
  • Greater success in implementing important changes

Benefits for the Organization

  • Smoother, more effective transformations
  • Improved employee understanding of and support for necessary changes
  • Improved skill and confidence of leaders of transformation
  • Increased organizational competence when implementing future changes

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  • Define the change in clear terms that others can understand
  • Use the Levels of Change Model to assess peoples' perceptions of the change
  • Determine information people require so they understand the change
  • Complete a gap analysis between perceptions and facts about the change
  • Use the Impact of Change Model to understand what phase of the change process people are in and why
  • Determine appropriate actions to help lead people through the phases of change
  • Understand the root cause of resistance to and support of the change
  • Use the Transformation map to develop action plans to implement the change

All leaders of change initiatives, large and small scale

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