Getting Started with Python Programming Course Details:

This foundational, hands-on, Python programming course will give you the knowledge you need to get started in Python scripting. You will learn skills from installing Python to writing/running your first scripts and using the libraries you'll create in class. Coding best practices, use of variables (local and global), handling different data types, slicing data, creating and importing libraries, and more will be covered in this course.

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  1. Introduction to Python
    • Python as a programming language
    • Python's history
    • Python advantages and disadvantages
    • Comparison vs other languages
  2. Setting up and working on a Python environment
    • Python installation with Anaconda
    • Common Python Editors and IDEs
    • Jupyter notebooks as Python interpreter
    • Introduction to Python scripts
  3. Python fundamentals
    • Variables
    • Data types
    • Built-in functions
    • Typecasting
  4. Control Flow Tools
    • Operators
    • If/elif/else statements
    • While loops
    • For loops
  5. Custom Functions
    • Creating functions
    • Arguments
    • Return statement
    • Local vs Global variables
  6. Data Structures Part 1: Arrays
    • Defining and handling lists
    • Defining tuples
    • Indexing and slicing
    • Iterating through lists and tuples
    • Nested arrays
    • List comprehensions
  7. Data Structures Part 2: Dictionaries and Sets
    • Defining dictionaries
    • Working with dictionaries
    • Defining sets
    • Working with sets
  8. Sorting values
    • Built in sorting functions
    • Sorting elements through iterable objects
    • Reverse sorting
    • Lambda functions
  9. Working with text files
    • Opening files
    • Reading files
    • Writing or editing files
  10. Handling errors and exceptions
    • Most common errors
    • Using Exceptions
    • Try/catch functions
    • Multiple exceptions
    • Ignoring exceptions
  11. Modules and Packages
    • Introduction to Modules and Packages
    • Defining Modules
    • Search path
    • Importing packages
    • Using aliases
  12. Classes
    • Python as object oriented programming
    • Creating classes
    • Instantiating of an object with constructors
    • Functions in classes (aka methods)
    • Object properties
    • Class initialization

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.

You will learn how to:

  • Setup an Python environment using conda
  • Work with different data types
  • Define functions and classes
  • Proficiently handle errors and exceptions
  • Effectively use flow controls (if/elif/else, for/while loops)
  • Open, read and write a text file
  • Create modules and import packages

Basic knowledge of Unix/Linux, Mac, or Windows is recommended

Non-programmers seeking to get started into software development

  • Business users seeking to get started into automation with scripts
  • Programmers coming from other languages looking to transition to Python
  • Data Scientists looking to improve their Python programming skills

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