The Valuable Administrative Assistant Course Details:

Today, the Administrative Assistant operates at a high level, often reporting to more than one person. In this one-day instructor led Valuable Administrative Assistant Training course, learn vital skills such as how to anticipate your bosses' needs, be a communication liaison, act as a project manager, and operate as your boss' information manager.

    May 29 2024

    Date: 05/29/2024 - 05/29/2024 (Wednesday - Wednesday) | 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM (EST)
    Location: ONLINE (Virtual Classroom Live)
    Delivery Format: VIRTUAL CLASSROOM LIVE Request Quote & Enroll

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    The Valuable Administrative Assistant

    May 29, 2024 | 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM (EST) | Virtual Classroom Live

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Wearing Many Hats

  • Managing Multiple Roles
  • What Hats Do Others See You Wearing?
  • What Your Manager Expects


Assisting the Manager

  • Are They Lost Without You?
  • Anticipate Needs
  • Act as a Communication Liaison
  • Making the Connection
  • Act as a Communication Buffer
  • Take Over Projects for Your Boss


Supervising Office Operations and Support Staff

  • Are You Ready to Be a Supervisor?
  • Supervisory Skills Self-Assessment
  • Seven Supervisory Challenges


Providing Information

  • Are You a Wealth of Information?
  • Developing the Detective Hat
  • Sharing the Information


Special Concerns of the Administrative Assistant

  • Personal Requests
  • Work Overload
  • Dealing with Interruptions
  • Supporting Two or More People

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.

Upon successful completion of The Valuable Administrative Assistant Training course, you will understand:

  • How to Manage Multiple Roles
  • How to anticipate needs
  • Be a communication liaison
  • Act as a project manager
  • Operate as your bosses' information manager
  • Develop the Detective Hat
  • Dealing with Work Overload
  • Supervise Office Operations and Support Staff

Individuals who want to improve their administrative skills.

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