Listening Skills Training Course Details:

This one-day instructor-led Listening Skills Training course will show you how to become a better listener by demonstrating how your listening skills build either barriers or bridges. You will also learn ten steps to controlling emotional "hot buttons" and the impact of good listening skills on productivity. Most people think that the only message that will be heard is one of urgency; however, in today's fast-paced world even urgent messages are ignored. Becoming an active listener will help your productivity and success by helping you extract important details from every message.


Without the proper training, two things can stand in the way of effective listening: bad habits and style differences. The first step to becoming a better listener is to break and eliminate those habits. The second step is to understand the different ways people listen, along with its benefits and potential trouble spots. Listening is the cornerstone of communication. The Listening Skills Training will help you understand how to make the person speaking feel valued, prevent miscommunication, speed productivity, and create more active forums of discussion.

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Why Should You Listen?

  • What's In It for You?
  • What's In It for Your Organization?
  • What Do You Know About Listening?
  • The Joy of Small Change


Four Key Elements of Good Listening

  • How to Be a Good Listener
    • Key Element 1: Hear the Message
    • Key Element 2: Interpret the Message
    • Key Element 3: Evaluate the Message
    • Key Element 4: Respond to the Message


Your Listening Style

  • You Are Unique
    • The Promoting Style
    • The Supporting Style
    • The Directive Style
    • The Analytical Style


What's Your Listening Attitude?

  • A Listening Attitude: Your Key to Success
    • Barriers to Communication
    • Bridges to Communication
    • How Well Do You Listen?
    • How to Stomp Bad Listening Habits
    • How to Help Someone Listen to You


Ten Tips for Tip-Top Listening

  • Listening Louder
    • Tip 1: Take Notes
    • Tip 2: Listen Now, Report Later
    • Tip 3: Want to Listen
    • Tip 4: Be Present
    • Tip 5: Anticipate Excellence
    • Tip 6: Become a 'Whole Body' Listener
    • Tip 7: Build Rapport by Pacing the Speaker
    • Tip 8: Control Your Emotional 'Hot-buttons'
    • Tip 9: Control Distractions
    • Tip 10: Listening Is a Gift, Give Generously
  • Develop a Personal Action Plan

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.

Upon successful completion of the Listening Skills Training course.


You will be able to:

  • Identify Four Key Elements of Good Listening
  • Enhance Your Listening Style
  • Identify barriers to listening well
  • Uncover hidden messages
  • What’s Your Listening Attitude?
  • Ten Tips for tiptop Listening

Business professionals who want to improve their listening skills.

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