Anger Management Course Details:

This course helps you recognize how to control your temper by thinking before speaking, waiting until you're calm before expressing yourself, utilizing "I" statements, understanding what a powerful tool forgiveness can be, and practicing relaxation skills and knowing when to seek help.

The most successful people know how to manage their anger as well as the anger of others. With the help of intriguing exercises and self-tests, the Anger Management Training course provides you with an individual assessment of the causes and effects of your anger.

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Module 1: Understanding Why we feel anger

  • Understanding why we feel anger and the wide range of emotions that are the result of being angry
  • How Does Anger Work?
  • Thoughts That Fuel Anger
  • How Do You Cope With Your Anger?
  • Changing Coping Techniques

Module 2: The Way You Feel

  • Assessing Why You Get Angry, When You Get Angry and Your Own Personal Way of Handling Anger
  • What Provokes You?
  • When To Be Angry
  • Your Body and Anger

Module 3: Using Anger to Improve Your Life

  • Know When Your Anger Is Valid and How to Make It Work for You
  • Anger: Pain or Gain?
  • Just or Unjust?
  • Anger and Your Communication Style

Module 4: Stopping Anger from Escalating

  • Keeping Your Anger Under Control and Preventing That Spark from Turning into an Escalation
  • Tips for Handling Criticism
  • Relaxation
  • Getting Back in Control

Module 5: Letting Go of the Past

  • Identify Past Anger That Still Affects You Today and Don't Repeat Behavior That Is Self-Defeating
  • Identifying Unresolved Anger from the Past
  • Experiencing Anger from Expectations
  • Be Good to Yourself

Module 6: Listen to Other People's Anger

  • In Order to Improve Relationships, We Must Recognize Another's Anger and Respond in a Helping Manner
  • Coping With Angry People
  • Styles of Communication
  • Your Family Relationships
  • 20 Additional Behaviors That Create Relationship Anger
  • Teaching Your Child to Manage Anger
  • Anger and Your Working Relationships

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.
  • Understand Why We Feel Anger and the Wide Range of Emotions That Are the Result of Being Angry
  • What Provokes You?
  • Know When Your Anger Is Valid and How to Make It Work for You
  • Stop Anger from Escalating
  • Identify Unresolved Anger from the Past
  • How to Cope With Angry People
  • 10 tips to tame your temper

Anyone who would like to improve positive behaviors and reduce toxic emotions that can damage your professional relationships.

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