Fast Track to Adobe ColdFusion 10 Course Details:

In this three-day course designed for experienced web developers, you will gain the knowledge and hands-on practice you need to start building and maintaining dynamic and interactive web applications using ColdFusion 10.


This course prepares you to earn the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) designation. Becoming an ACE means you have demonstrated a professional level of proficiency with one or more Adobe software products. To become an ACE, you must pass one or more product-specific proficiency exams and agree to the ACE terms and conditions.

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1. Course Overview

  • About the Course
  • Course Objectives
  • Course Prerequisites
  • Course Format

2. Getting Started with ColdFusion

  • Basics of Dynamic Web Pages
  • ColdFusion Overview
  • Exploring Dreamweaver CS3
  • Creating ColdFusion Variables
  • Displaying Variable Values
  • Including Files
  • Commenting Code
  • Implementing Best Practices

3. Publishing Database Content

  • Connecting to a Database
  • Querying a Database Table
  • Viewing Debug Data
  • Dumping a Recordset to a Browser
  • Displaying Database Data
  • Using the Dynamic Table Tool
  • Using the Resultset Structure Data
  • Using ColdFusion Functions
  • Implementing Best Practices

4. Building Forms with ColdFusion

  • HTML Forms and Form Controls
  • Enabling Debug Output
  • Self-Posting Forms
  • Determining Form Submission with IsDefined()
  • Evaluating Form Variables with cfparam
  • ColdFusion Forms
  • Implementing Best Practices

5. Building Search Interfaces

  • Using Form Data in Dynamic Queries
  • Preserving Form Data
  • Creating Dynamic SQL for Multiple Search Criteria
  • Using Text Searches
  • Using List Searches
  • Implementing Best Practices

6. Building a Drill-Down Interface

  • Using Dynamic URL Parameters
  • Creating a Query String
  • Creating a Data Drill-Down
  • Creating On-the-Fly PDF Documents
  • Displaying Data in a Tabbed Interface
  • Implementing Best Practices

7. Inserting New Data

  • Building an Insert Interface
  • Building an Insert FORM Page
  • Using ColdFusion Validation
  • Using Client-Side Validation
  • Using Server-Side Validation
  • Creating Custom validation
  • Building Insert ACTION Logic
  • Using with INSERT
  • Redirecting Process Flow

8. Updating Data

  • Building an Update FORM Page
  • Providing the Primary Key for Update
  • Building Update Logic
  • Deleting Records from the Database

9. Reusing Templates

  • Reusing Code
  • Using Custom Tags
  • Using User-Defined Functions (UDFs)
  • Finding UDFs
  • ColdFusion Components (CFCs)
  • Finding CFCs

10. Securing an Application

  • Addressing the Web's Statelessness
  • Using the Application Framework
  • Using Application Events
  • Using Application Variables
  • Using Session Variables

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.
  • Getting Started with ColdFusion
  • Publishing Database Content
  • Building Forms with ColdFusion
  • Inserting New Data
  • Building a Drill-Down Interface
  • Updating Data
  • Reusing Templates
  • Securing an Application

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