Oracle 12c Security Administration Course Details:

In this course, you will learn about security and maintenance concerns in an Oracle database with an introductory focus on Oracle SQL and PL/SQL for newer IT employees.

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1. SQL and PL/SQL

  • Basic SQL Syntax
  • SQL Functions
  • Advanced SQL Queries
  • PL/SQL Program Structure
  • Accessing the Database

2. Create an Oracle Database

  • Describe Oracle Database Architecture
  • Understand the Instance Architecture
  • Use the Management Framework and the Database Creation Assistant

3. Controlling the Database

  • Start and Stop the Agent and the Listener
  • Startup and Shutdown the Database

4. Administering Users

  • Create and Manage Database User Accounts, and Manage Roles
  • Grant and Revoke Privileges
  • Control Resource Usage by Users

5. Managing Schema Objects

  • Create and Modify Tables, Indexes, and Views
  • Define Constraints
  • View the Attributes and the Contents of a Table

6. Oracle Database Security

  • Apply the Principal of Least Privilege
  • Manage Default User Accounts
  • Implement Standard Password Security Features
  • Audit database activity

7. Proactive Maintenance: Objectives

  • Set Warning and Critical Alert Thresholds
  • Collect and Use Baseline Metrics
  • Use Tuning/Diagnostic Advisors/ADDM/ADR

8. Recovery Manager Configuration

  • Parameters Affecting RMAN
  • Use of a Flashback Recovery Area
  • The CONFIGURE Command
  • Persistent Settings
  • Channel Allocation
  • Controlfile Autobackup
  • Retention Policies

9. Recovery Manager Operations

  • Using the BACKUP Command
  • Creating Backup Sets / Image Copies
  • Compressed Backups
  • Incremental Backups
  • Block Change Tracking
  • RMAN Backup Monitoring
  • REPORT and LIST Commands

10. Non-Critical Loss Recovery

  • Password and Network Files
  • Read-Only Tablespaces
  • Temporary Tablespaces
  • Index Tablespaces
  • Redo Log Members / Control Files

11. Database Recovery

  • Complete Recovery
  • Incomplete Recovery

12. Flashback Database

  • When in Use
  • Configuration and Use
  • Monitoring Flashback Database
  • Flash Recovery Area Maintenance
  • Flash Recovery Area Monitoring

13. User Error Recovery

  • The New Recycle Bin
  • Querying Dropped Tables
  • Flashback Versions Table
  • Flashback Transaction Query

14. Automatic Database Management

  • Management and Advisory Framework
  • Automatic Statistics Collection
  • The Automated Workload Repository
  • Database Advisors
  • Automatic Statistics Collection

15. Virtual Private Database

  • Row Level Control
  • Column Level Control

16. Oracle Auditing

  • Full Security Monitoring

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.
  • Create and administer user accounts in the Oracle 11g database
  • Backup and recover the database
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain the database

Lab 1: Multiple SQL Labs

Lab 2: Multiple PL/SQL Labs

Lab 3: Architecture / Advanced Memory Mgt.

Lab 4: Starting And Stopping The Database

Lab 5: Using the Database Console (EM)

Lab 6: Tables, Indexes and Constraints

Lab 7: Creating Other Database Objects

Lab 8: Users and Security

Lab 9: Performance Metrics and Monitoring

Lab 10: Archivelog Setup

Lab 11: Recovery Manager Configuration

Lab 12: Recovery Manager Backups

Lab 13: Automated Management Tools

  • Database administrators
  • Support engineers
  • Technical consultants
  • Systems administrators
  • Network managers
  • Technical support personnel

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