Microsoft Skype for Business Course Details:

Microsoft Skype for Business is an instant messaging tool, but it is also much, much more. This application facilitates voice and video calling and recording but also powerful collaborative features, such as screen and program sharing. Topics covered will be the basics, presence and location, contacts, alerts, instant messages, audio and video calls, Skype for Business meetings, presenting with Skype for Business, advanced settings, and using Skype for Business on the notification area.

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The Basics

  • Opening Skype for Business
  • Signing In
  • Signing Out
  • Closing Skype for Business

Setting Your Presence and Location

  • About Presence Statuses
  • Setting Your Presence Status on Login
  • Setting Your Presence While Logged In
  • Adding a Personal Note
  • Setting Your Location

Managing Contacts

  • Adding Internal Contacts
  • Adding External Contacts
  • Creating Contact Groups
  • Moving Contacts to Groups
  • Adding Contacts to Your Favorites
  • Deleting Contacts and Contact Groups
  • Blocking Contacts
  • Using the Status View
  • Using the Relationships View
  • Using the New View

Alerts and Alert Sounds

  • About Alerts
  • Disabling Alert Sounds
  • Changing Alert Sounds
  • Setting Status Change Alerts
  • Configuring Do Not Disturb

Sending and Receiving Instant Messages (IM)

  • Sending an IM to a Contact
  • Responding to an Incoming IM
  • Using Spellcheck
  • Using Emoticons
  • Changing the Font
  • Viewing Conversation History

Audio & Video Calls

  • Making an Audio Call
  • Making a Video Call
  • Recording a Video or Audio Call
  • Changing Audio Device Settings
  • Changing Video Device Settings

Skype Meetings

  • Setting Up a Skype Meeting in Outlook
  • Joining a Skype Meeting
  • Setting Up an Impromptu Conference Call in Skype for Business
  • Setting Up an Impromptu Group IM Conversation
  • Taking Notes with OneNote
  • Displaying a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Displaying a Whiteboard
  • Sharing Your Screen
  • Sharing Programs
  • Posting a Poll
  • Posting a Q&A
  • Sending Files to Participants
  • Sharing Notes with OneNote

Advanced Settings

  • Turning Off All Pictures
  • Always Display the Skype for Business Window on Top
  • Using the Skype for Business Recording Manager
  • Preventing Skype for Business from Starting Automatically

Using Skype for Business in the Notification Area

  • Viewing the Skype for Business Notification Area Icon
  • Changing Your Status
  • Signing In and Signing Out
  • Opening Skype for Business from the Notification Area
  • Closing Skype for Business from the Notification Area

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.

In this course, you will learn to use:

  • Presence and location
  • Contacts
  • Alerts
  • Instant messages
  • Audio and video calls
  • Skype for Business meetings
  • Presenting with Skype for Business
  • Advanced settings
  • Using Skype for Business on the notification area

This course is designed for people who want to learn to use Microsoft Skype for business.

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