WXTW - Cisco Webex Teams (Spark) Collaboration Workshop Course Details:

Being able to understand how WebEx Teams works and what the features are is the key focus of this 2-day course. Webex Teams training should be taken by students who have a working understanding of Cisco Collaboration Products. This Cisco Webex Teams Training will help students be able to describe Cisco Webex Teams, comprehend Cisco Webex Teams Meetings, and grasp Cisco Webex Teams Messaging, among much more. This course is intended to be taken by system engineers, system administrators, architects, and channel partners. 

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Module 1: Cisco Webex Teams Overview
Lesson 1: What is Cisco Webex Teams
Lesson 2: Webex Teams Delivery
Lesson 3: Webex Teams Security
Lesson 4: Webex Teams Collaboration
Lesson 5: Webex Teams API
Lesson 6: Meetings
Lesson 7: Messaging
Lesson 8: Calling
Lesson 9: Cisco Webex Teams Spaces
Lesson 10: Cisco Webex Teams Hybrid Services
Lesson 11: Cisco Webex Teams Benefits

Module 2: Cisco Webex Team Meetings
Lesson 1: Basic Meetings
Lesson 2: Instant Messages
Lesson 3: Schedule Meetings

Module 3: Cisco Webex Teams Advanced Meetings Overview
Lesson 1: Webex Integration
Lesson 2: Personal Room
Lesson 3: Cisco Webex Teams Desk and Room Devices and the Cisco Spark Board
Lesson 4: Cisco Webex Teams Conferencing
Lesson 5: Cisco Webex Teams Board and Room Device Setup and Use
Lesson 6: Three ways to enable pairing

Module 4: Cisco Spark Messaging
Lesson 1: Cisco Webex teams Messaging Overview
Lesson 2: Key Benefits of Cisco Webex Teams Messaging
Lesson 3: Cisco Webex Teams Messaging Features
Lesson 4: Cisco Webex teams (feature in the app)
Lesson 5: Use Cases

Module 5: Cisco Webex Teams Board
Lesson 1: Advanced Interactive Whiteboard
Lesson 2: No Network, Bluetooth needed
Lesson 3: Microphones
Lesson 4: Voice-Tracking Technology
Lesson 5: Webex Teams Board Application Suite
Lesson 6: Camera
Lesson 7: Webex Teams APIs
Lesson 8: Any Board, anywhere
Lesson 9: Messaging
Lesson 10: Setup

Module 6: Cisco Webex Teams Calling Overview
Lesson 1: Traditional Calling Features in Cisco Webex Teams
Lesson 2: Features and Benefits of Cisco Webex Teams Calling
Lesson 3: Benefits of Mobility and Collaboration Features of Cisco Webex Teams
Lesson 4: PSTN Calling
Lesson 5: Phone Support
Lesson 6: Use Cases

Module 7: Cisco Webex Teams Care
Lesson 1: Overview
Lesson 2: Embedding
Lesson 3: Experience

Module 8: Cisco Webex Teams Management and Administration
Lesson 1: Overview
Lesson 2: Cisco Cloud Collaboration Management Features and Benefits
Lesson 3: Management
Lesson 4: Security
Lesson 5: Portal

Module 9: Cisco Webex Teams Service Availability, Ordering, and Support
Lesson 1: Country Availability
Lesson 2: Language Support
Lesson 3: Ordering
Lesson 4: Support
Lesson 5: Cisco Capital

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.
  • Describe Cisco Webex Teams
  • Comprehend Cisco Webex Meetings
  • Understand Cisco Webex Messaging
  • Recognize Cisco Webex Teams Calling
  • Appreciate Cisco Webex Teams Care
  • Explain Cisco Webex teams Management and Administration
  • Describe Cisco Webex Teams Service Availability, Ordering, and Support
  • Understand Cisco Webex Teams Board


Lab 1: Initial Cisco Collaboration Cloud Organization Configuration: Customer Trial and Configure Active Directory Connector

Lab 2: Spark Message, Meeting, and Call Configuration

Lab 3: Hybrid Services: Calendar Service Configuration

Lab 4: Hybrid Services: Call Service Aware Configuration

Lab 5: Hybrid Services: Call Service Connect Configuration

Lab 6: Bulk User Configuration

Lab 7: Single Sign-on with AD FS Configuration

Lab 8: Call Routing Features: Hunt Groups and Auto Attendants

Familiarity with Cisco Collaboration products.

  • System Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Architects
  • Channel Partners


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