APPDYN - AppDynamics Test Drive Operations Course Details:

This course covers a comprehensive topic list covering the keys aspects of AppDynamics deployment and use. You will discover faster, more efficient monitoring with an enterprise Application Performance Management (APM) solution that learns your apps. By understanding end-user monitoring, you can create superior experiences by monitoring where customers are connecting with your business the most. The topic of Infrastructure visibility allows you to monitor the servers and databases criticial to supporting application performance. By the end of the course, you will be able to successfully deploy and use AppDynamics.

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1. AppDynamics Essentials

  • Getting Started
  • AppDynamics Concepts
  • Using the Controller UI
  • Metrics and Graphs
  • Monitor Infrastructure
  • Custom Dashboards and Reports

2. Application Monitoring

  • Model the Application Environment
  • Business Applications
  • Business Transactions
  • APM for Python, Java and .NET Applications
  • APM for PHP and Node.js Applications
  • APM for Apache Web Servers

3. End-User Monitoring

  • Browser Real User Monitoring
  • Browser Synthetic Monitoring
  • Mobile Real User Monitoring

4. Server Monitoring

  • Enable Server Monitoring
  • Monitor Your Servers Using Server Monitoring
  • Configure Server Monitoring
  • Configure Machine Health Rules, Policies, and Alerts

5. Application Analytics

  • Deployment Options and Scenarios
  • Installing Agent-Side Components
  • Remote Analytics Agent Sizing
  • Configuring Application Analytics

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.
  • AppDynamics concepts and use
  • Monitor Application
  • Analyze End-User Monitoring
  • Use Server Monitoring
  • Understand Application Analytics

Lab 1: Introduction AppDynamics GUI
Lab 2: Monitoring and Modeling Application
Lab 3: End-User Monitoring
Lab 4: Server Monitoring
Lab 5: Application Analytics

Familiarity with applications in the enterprise.

Individuals interested in application performance

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