Troubleshooting and Supporting Windows 7 in the Enterprise (M6293) Course Details:

Learn how to support the Windows 7 operating system and solve technical troubleshooting problems in a Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 networking environment. In just three days in this hands-on course, you will learn how to fix startup issues, client configuration failures, connectivity problems, and security system issues, including Encrypting File Systems (EFS), BitLocker Drive Encryption, and file permissions.

This course incorporates materials from the Official Microsoft Learning Product 6293: Troubleshooting and Supporting Windows 7 in the Enterprise, and it can assist you in your preparation for Exam 70-685: Pro: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Support Technician.

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1. Implementing a Troubleshooting Methodology

  • Introduction to the EDST Job Role
  • Troubleshooting Steps

2. Troubleshooting Startup Issues

  • Windows 7 Recovery Environment
  • Configuring and Troubleshooting Startup Settings
  • Troubleshooting Operating System Services Issues

3. Using Group Policy to Centralize Configuration

  • Group Policy Application
  • Resolving Client Configuration Failures and GPO Application Issues

4. Troubleshooting Hardware Device, Device Driver, and Performance Issues

  • Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting Physical Failures
  • Monitoring Reliability and Performance
  • Configuring Performance Options in Windows 7
  • Troubleshooting Device Driver Failures

5. Troubleshooting Network Connectivity Issues

  • Determining Network Settings
  • Troubleshooting Network Connectivity Issues

6. Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity Issues

  • Troubleshooting VPN Connectivity Issues
  • Using Remote Desktop
  • Troubleshooting User Issues by Using Remote Assistance
  • Troubleshooting NAP Issues
  • Troubleshooting DirectAccess Issues

7. Troubleshooting Logon and Resource Access Issues

  • Troubleshooting User Logon Issues
  • Troubleshooting User Profile Issues
  • Troubleshooting File Access Issues
  • Troubleshooting File Permissions Issues
  • Troubleshooting Printer Access Issues

8. Troubleshooting Security Issues

  • Recovering Files Encrypted by EFS
  • Recovering BitLocker-Protected Drives
  • Troubleshooting Internet Explorer and Content Access Issues

9. Troubleshooting Operating System and Application Issues

  • Troubleshooting Application Installation Issues
  • Troubleshooting Application Operations Issues
  • Applying Application and Windows Updates

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.
  • Processes of establishing and using a troubleshooting methodology
  • Enterprise Desktop Support Technician (EDST) job role and responsibilities
  • Troubleshoot startup issues on a Windows 7 computer
  • Fix client-configuration failures and Group Policy object (GPO) application issues
  • Correct hardware device, device driver, and performance issues
  • Resolve network connectivity and remote connectivity issues
  • Solve logon and resource access problems
  • Troubleshoot security system issues, such as EFS, BitLocker Drive Encryption, and file permissions
  • Fix operating system and applications issues

Lab 1: Troubleshooting Startup Issues

Lab 2: Using Group Policy to Centralize Configuration

Lab 3A: Resolving Hardware Device and Device Driver Issues

  • Resolving Hardware Issues
  • Configuring Group Policy to Control Device Installation (Optional)

Lab 3B: Troubleshooting Performance-Related Issues

Lab 4: Troubleshooting Network Connectivity Issues

Lab 5: Resolving Remote Connectivity Issues

Lab 6: Troubleshooting Logon and Resource Access Issues

  • Offline Files
  • Missing Drive Mapping
  • Missing Files in My Documents
  • File Access Issue

Lab7: Troubleshooting Security Issues

  • Recovering a BitLocker-Protected Drive
  • Fixing an Internet Explorer Security Issue

Lab 8: Troubleshooting Operating System and Application Issues

  • Windows Updates
  • AppLocker Policy Application
  • Application Startup
  • Knowledge of networking fundamentals, including TCP/IP/User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Domain Name System (DNS)
    • Microsoft Active Directory principles and management
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 fundamentals
    • Microsoft Windows Client fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of using the 2010 or 2007 Microsoft Office system

Enterprise desktop support technicians and other experienced Windows professionals who want to learn how to support and troubleshoot Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2

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