Blockchain for Healthcare Professionals Course Details:

This course reviews how Blockchain is being applied in the Healthcare industry. As the industry faces many critical issues, healthcare professionals are turning to, and implementing Blockchain solutions to improve privacy, data integrity, cost reductions, and regulatory compliance. We’ll discuss current and new industry use cases, as well as detailed coverage of the regulatory environment. This course focuses on how Blockchain is being used to improve and resolve many of the current and future healthcare industry problems.


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  • Blockchain 101
    • History of blockchain
    • Decentralization/centralization
    • Distributed ledger-private vs public
    • Mining and consensus mechanisms
    • Dapps and Smart Contracts
  • Intro to healthcare on blockchain including Medical records FHIR and HL7
  • Patient identity HIPAA and GDPR
  • Value-based care and concepts (discuss outcome-based smart contracts)
  • IoT, IoHT, and Healthcare
  • Digital assets and Blockchain
  • Value based care and Blockchain
    • AI and Healthcare 
  • Supply chain and Pharmaceutical tracking
    • 21CFR Part 11
    • DSCSA
  • Patient enablement and empowerment with blockchain
  • Data sets
  • Blockchain opportunities
    • Reviewing projects and categories

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.
  • Blockchain 101
  • Intro to healthcare on blockchain
  • Patient identity HIPAA and GDPR
  • Value-based care and concepts
  • Emerging technologies and Blockchain
  • Use cases
  • Data sets
  • Blockchain opportunities


Business Manager, Administrator, Executive, Clinician, Insurance Manager, or anyone connected with healthcare who makes decisions in the healthcare industry.

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