IBM Cloud Object Storage - Implementation and Administration Course Details:

This course provides a technical introduction to deployment and operation of the on-premise IBM Cloud Object Storage products. You’ll gain overview of the product, installation, operations, troubleshooting, and integration with other IBM products including Spectrum Protect. You’ll learn how to deploy, maintain, and support IBM Cloud Object Storage as an on-premise or hybrid cloud solution.

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Planning and Architecture  

  • Logging on to the console system
  • Testing IP connectivity in the lab environment

Installation and Initial Configuration

  • Configuring the Manager
  • Configuring the Accesser
  • Accessing the system web user interface and accessing help
  • Performing the initial configuration of the system
  • Approving new devices
  • Creating a Storage Pool
  • Creating a Vault
  • Creating an Access Pool
  • Creating a User
  • Granting access to a Vault
  • Testing writing to a Vault
  • Testing reading to a Vault

Administration and Maintenance

  • Backing up the Manager
  • Restoring the Manager
  • Upgrading the Manager  
  • Upgrading Accessers and Slicestors
  • Changing the Web User Interface and timezone preferences
  • Updating error and warning thresholds on individual Slicestors
  • Validating the upgrade

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Simulating the loss of a disk drive
  • Generating data
  • Reviewing the device summary and monitoring open incidents  
  • Searching the event console
  • Exploring Manager graphs
  • Resuming a disk drive
  • Monitoring the rebuilder process
  • Reviewing the Vault Summary and other Reports

Spectrum Protect Integration

  • Configuring a Vault and Vault Template
  • Setting the Vault Template as the default for your system
  • Configuring the Spectrum Protect User
  • Configuring the Spectrum Protect Storage Pool
  • Configuring the default storage pool for the standard management class
  • Testing Spectrum Protect with Object Storage

Reviewing storage used, compression and reduplication rates

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.

• The benefits of IBM Cloud Object Storage     
• Establish the architecture and configuration of IBM Cloud Object Storage
• Install IBM Cloud Object Storage and perform the initial configuration of an on-premise object storage vault
• Perform IBM Cloud Object Storage daily administrative tasks
• Monitor and troubleshoot an IBM Cloud Object Storage on-premise system
• Use IBM Cloud Object Storage as a Spectrum Protect container storage pool

You should have basic knowledge of TCP/IP, networking, operating systems, computer security, and storage.

Architects, implementors, and system administrators

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