UEIME - Cisco Unified E-Mail and Web Interaction Manager Enterprise v2.0 Course Details:

UEIME v2.0 is intended for installation engineers, system administrators, database administrators, sales engineers, and others who are responsible for installing and maintaining Cisco Unified Web and E-Mail Interaction Manager, including a common platform and either Cisco Unified E-Mail Interaction Manager (EIM) or Cisco Unified Web Interaction Manager (WIM) or both.

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1. Features of Cisco Unified EIM and Cisco Unified WIM

  • Features
  • Components and Integration

2. Architecture Installation Planning and Environment Installation

  • Architecture
  • Planning
  • Sizing Server Software and Hardware
  • Creating WebLogic Domains
  • Installing Cisco Unified EIM and Cisco Unified WIM

3. User Management

  • Managing Users
  • Creating Groups and Queues

4. The Knowledge Base

  • Knowledge Base Basics
  • Knowledge Base Special Functions

5. Administration

  • Configuring System Administration
  • Configuring Workflows

6. Agent Console

  • The E-Mail Agent
  • Pinning, Pulling, and Transferring Activities
  • Navigating the Information Pane

7. Cisco Unified CCE Integration and Configuration

  • The Integrated System
  • Configuring Unified CCE
  • Integrating Post Installation
  • Fault Tolerance

8. Cisco Unified Web Interaction Manager

  • Managing Web Templates and Entry Points
  • Conducting Chat Sessions

9. Management Tools: Monitors and Reporting

  • Using Management Tools: Monitors and Reports
  • Reporting Across Channels: Web View

10. Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting at Startup
  • Troubleshooting Servers
  • Troubleshooting Processes

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.
  • Features and functions of Cisco Unified EIM and Cisco Unified WIM for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (CCE)
  • Architecture of Unified EIM and Unified WIM
  • Manage new users, roles, groups, and queues
  • Configure Cisco Unified EIM and Cisco Unified WIM
  • Create and manage an entire Knowledge Base
  • Create and manage workflows
  • Use of the Agent Console
  • Integration and configuration of Cisco Unified CCE
  • Manage the web chat system
  • Examine supervisory tools, monitor agent work, join chat sessions, and create and use monitors and reports
  • Troubleshoot Cisco Unified EIM and Cisco Unified WIM issues and configure Cisco Unified CCE

Lab 2-1: Verifying and Preparing the Environment

Lab 2-2: Installing and Starting a Single-Server Configuration

Lab 3-0: Setting up the Administration/Agent Workstation

Lab 3-1: Managing Users

Lab 4-1: Managing Folders

Lab 4-2: Managing Articles

Lab 4-3: Managing Macros

Lab 4-4: General Knowledge Base Management

Lab 4-5: Managing Approval Processes

Lab 5-1: Managing Business Settings

Lab 5-2: Managing E-Mail Functions

Lab 5-3: Managing Archive Jobs

Lab 5-4: Managing Workflows

Lab 6-1: Managing User Preferences

Lab 6-2: Transferring and Pulling Activities

Lab 6-3: Searching for Information

Lab 6-4: Managing Activities and Cases

Lab 6-5: Managing Customer Information

Lab 6-6: Managing Tasks and E-Mails

Lab 7-1: Preparing Cisco Unified CCE for the Integration Lab

Lab 7-2: Configuring Scripts

Lab 7-3: Performing a Post-Installation Integration

Lab 7-4: Performing Post-Installation Cisco Unified EIM and Cisco Unified WIM Configuration

Lab 7-5: Testing the System

Lab 8-1: Creating a Chat Entry Point

Lab 8-2: Conducting a Chat Session in Cisco Unified WIM

Lab 8-3: Monitoring Chat Sessions

  • Individuals who will implement, configure, and support Cisco Unified EIM and Cisco Unified WIM with Cisco Unified CCE or Cisco Unified Contact Center Hosted
  • Individuals who will be system users on Cisco Unified EIM and Cisco Unified WIM with Cisco Unified CCE and Cisco Unified Contact Center Hosted

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