MENPI - Managing Enterprise Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure v3.0 Course Details:

In this course, you will learn how to design, deploy, operate, and optimize enterprise networks with the Cisco Prime Infrastructure solution (PI). Cisco Prime Infrastructure is part of a Unified Access solution that converges traditional wired and wireless networks into a single network management tool. The labs, which have been recently updated, put you in a realistic customer scenario and let you practice what you learned using Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.0. This course network management perspective has a heavier lean to the wired side of the network management.

Note: For the classroom version of this course, laptops are provided for your participation in the hands-on labs. If you desire to use your own laptop, please bring a laptop computer with an Ethernet port as well as an internal wireless NIC, 802.11a/b/g/n. Access to the remote labs requires a browser that supports Java(R) and permissions to open RDP or encrypted (RDP443) RDP sessions. If your browser does not support Java, you will need administrator rights to the laptop to install software.

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  1. Cisco Prime Infrastructure Overview
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Map the Network
  4. Role-Based Access Control
  5. Configuration Management
  6. Compliance Management
  7. Services Management
  8. Monitor and Troubleshoot
  9. System Administration

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.
  • Fundamental network management concepts and introduce the features of Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Manage the inventory with Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Map the network using the tools in Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Manage user access to tasks, functions, and devices in Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Manage the devices and configuration archive in Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Work with Cisco AVC, QoS, and Cisco IWAN services using Cisco Prime Infrastructure tools and deploy Cisco TrustSec identity services using Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Monitor and troubleshoot your network with Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Perform system administration tasks in Cisco Prime Infrastructure

Lab 1: Access Cisco Prime Infrastructure
Lab 2: Cisco Prime Infrastructure Configuration
Lab 3: Populate the Network Inventory
Lab 4: Manage the Network Inventory
Lab 5: Manage Groups
Lab 6: Manage Device Software Images
Lab 7: Manage Wireless Maps
Lab 8: Manage Network Topology Maps
Lab 9: Create a Virtual Domain and Add a User
Lab 10: Manage the Configuration Archive
Lab 11: Manage Wired Device Templates
Lab 12: Manage Wireless Device Configurations
Lab 13: Manage Compliance Features
Lab 14: Manage Converged Access Work Flow
Lab 15: Manage AVC and QoS
Lab 16: Monitor Devices and Interfaces

  • Knowledge of networks and networking terminology CCNA Routing and Switching or equivalent
  • Knowledge of networks and networking terminology CCNA Wireless or equivalent
  • Network engineers
  • Technicians

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