OneNote 2016 Course Details:

This clinic with hands on labs provides you with the knowledge and skills to become familiar with fundamental features and functionality of Microsoft OneNote 2016.

This course includes access to our exclusive Microsoft Office Online Support Program, enabling you to build your skills and expertise after class. The program provides 24x7 access for 60 days to online mentoring via chat from Microsoft Office experts.

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1. Getting Started with OneNote 2016

  • OneNote 2016 Concepts
  • Getting Started
  • Managing Notebooks
  • Navigating and Viewing Notebooks

2. Taking Notes

  • Working with Sections, Pages and Notebook Properties
  • Understanding Note Containers
  • Working with Note Content
  • Working with Page Spacing and Page Versions

3. Linking, Tagging, and Locating Notes

  • Creating Links
  • Working with Note Tags
  • Searching Notebooks

4. Collaborating with Shared Notebooks

  • Sharing Notebooks
  • Working with Shared Notebooks

5. Using Templates and Integrating with Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer

  • Using Templates
  • Using Linked Notes
  • Using E-mail to Share Notebook Pages
  • Word and PowerPoint Integration
  • Outlook Integration

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.
  • Explore the user interface, create, save, open, close and move around in OneNote 2016 notebooks, as well as select different views, and obtain Help
  • Insert and manage sections, pages, edit notebook properties, as well as insert various types of notes, work with page versions, and page spacing
  • Create links, apply and manage note tags, and search notebooks to locate specific notes
  • Create shared notebooks, share existing notebooks, and work with others in shared notebooks simultaneously
  • Apply, create, and use and various types of templates, as well as use various integration features that allow you to work with other programs, such as Microsoft Office applications and Internet Explorer

Experience working in a Windows environment.

Individuals new to Microsoft OneNote 2016 who are looking to develop their ability in creating digital notebooks.

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