IBM InfoSphere Advanced DataStage - Parallel Framework v11.5 Course Details:

This course is designed to introduce advanced parallel job development techniques in IBM DataStage v11.5. In this course you will develop a deeper understanding of the DataStage architecture, including a strong foundation of the DataStage development and runtime environments. This will enable you to design parallel jobs that are robust, less subject to errors, reusable and optimized for better performance.

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  • Design a job that creates robust test data
  • Describe the job execution process
  • Generate sequences of numbers (surrogate keys) in a partitioned, parallel environment
  • Describe sort key and partitioner key logic in the parallel framework
  • Work with complex data
  • Describe the Balanced Optimization workflow

IBM InfoSphere DataStage Essentials course or equivalent and at least one year of experience developing parallel jobs using DataStage.

Experienced DataStage developers seeking training in more advanced DataStage job techniques and who seek an understanding of the parallel framework architecture.

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