NetWorker Implementation and Management Course Details:

This course explores EMC NetWorker installation, configuration, maintenance, management, backup, and recovery. The course contains lectures, instructor demonstrations, and hands-on labs to provide practice in both UNIX and Windows environments.

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1. NetWorker Overview

  • NetWorker Hosts, Processes and Backup Flow
  • NetWorker Features and Functions
  • NetWorker Backup Terminology

2. NetWorker Planning and Installation

  • Installing NetWorker and NMC
  • Stopping and Starting NetWorker Processes
  • Connecting to the Console Server

3. NetWorker Resources and Administrative Interfaces

  • NetWorker Resources
  • NetWorker Administrative Interfaces

4. Performing Backups

  • Before Performing a Backup
  • NetWorker Administrative Interfaces
  • Configuring Resources for Backup
  • Client Backup Command Attributes
  • Performing Manual Client-initiated Backups
  • NetWorker Directives
  • Backing Up Virtual Clients and Applications

5. NetWorker Media Management

  • NetWorker Pools Overview
  • Configuring a Pool Resource

6. Configuring and Managing Devices

  • Devices Overview
  • Using Disk Type Devices
  • Library Overview
  • Configuring and Managing a Library in the GUI
  • Configuring and Managing a Library Using Commands
  • Reconfiguring a Library

7. NetWorker Database Management

  • Querying the Client File Index and Media Database
  • Save Set / Volume Status and Lifecycle
  • Manual Management of the NetWorker Databases

8. Performing NetWorker Recoveries

  • NetWorker Recovery Overview
  • Performing Browsable Recoveries
  • Performing Save Set Recoveries
  • Performing Directed Recoveries
  • Performing Filesystem Snapshot Recoveries

9. Performing Cloning and Staging

  • Performing Cloning
  • Performing NetWorker Staging

10. NetWorker Security

  • NetWorker Security Features
  • Managing NetWorker Hosts and Users
  • NetWorker User Groups
  • Audit Logging and the Jobs Database
  • NetWorker Notifications

11. Administering NetWorker

  • Networker Management Console Administration
  • NetWorker Management Console Reporting
  • Protecting the Console Database
  • NetWorker Parallelism
  • NetWorker Licensing
  • Software Distribution
  • Configuring NetWorker in a Firewall Environment
  • Multi-Tenancy

12. VSS Backups and Cluster Environments

  • VSS Backup and Recovery
  • Backup and Recovery of Clusters

13. Recovering a NetWorker Server

  • NetWorker Server Recovery Prerequisites
  • Recovering the NetWorker Server
  • Recovering NetWorker Control Data

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.
  • Install NetWorker and NetWorker Management Console
  • Use NetWorker administrative interfaces to manage the NetWorker server
  • Configure and Perform backups and recoveries
  • Customize backups
  • Manage NetWorker databases
  • Manage media and devices in NetWorker
  • Configuring cloning and staging
  • Configure and run NetWorker reports
  • How to back up and recover in VSS and cluster environments
  • Perform a disaster recovery of the NetWorker server

In addition to lecture and demonstrations, this course includes hands-on exercises and labs in Windows and Linux environments designed to give you practical experience.

System administrators, partners, and software support specialists who install, configure, and support EMC NetWorker in Windows and Linux environments

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