IBM Cognos Analytics: Modeling with Data Modules (V11.1.x) Course Details:

This course provides business users with knowledge of metadata modeling concepts and how to model metadata using IBM Cognos Analytics 11. Participants will learn the full scope of the metadata modeling process, from creating Data Sources, creating Data Modules, to the sharing of metadata to other users, facilitating reports and analyses by themselves and colleagues. Participants will learn to use data servers and uploaded files as data sources, and to add intent to their data model. They will learn how to add tables to their models, set and modify object properties, create calculations, identify joins, as well as how to clean, format, and group their data for reporting purposes.

Contains: Instructional and interactive content, demonstrations and hand-on simulated exercises.

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*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.

1. The IBM Cognos Analytics 11 User Experience

  • Overview of IBM Cognos Analytics 11
  • Search and Navigate IBM Cognos Analytics
  • Reporting and Dashboarding
  • Modeling and Administration

2. Create a Data Module: Part 1

  • Identify Data Modules
  • Identify Data Sources
  • Create a Data Server

3. Create a Data Module: Part 2

  • Select a Data Source for Your Module
  • Select a Data Server
  • Upload and Select a File
  • Select Other Data Modules
  • Identify and Add Intent

4. Understand Modeling Basics

  • Identify Cognos Analytics Modeling Strategy
  • Add Tables to a Data Module
  • Identify Column Usage Types

5. Explore Additional Modeling Concepts

  • Share Content
  • Explore Modeling Object Properties
  • Identify Joins

6. Customize Data Modules

  • Identify the Need to Customize
  • Examine Module Icons
  • Create Calculations
  • Clean and Format Columns
  • Create Custom Data Groupings
  • Report authoring experience
  • Understanding of subject matter business data
  • Authors

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