Core JEE Web Essentials | Working with Servlets/JSPs JDBC (TT5160) Course Details:

This course is geared for experienced Java developers new to JEE who need to get up and running with essential dynamic web development skills. In this course, you will learn how to design and program servlets and JSPs, including all the important concepts and hands on labs that will have you building working server-side applications in no time flat. This course provides core JEE knowledge and skills that can be used as the foundation for developing production-quality web applications to a basic level.

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  • Design and build scalable, secure, maintainable web applications
  • Solve common web application design problems with given tools
  • Build web interfaces with JSPs and servlets, using the latest technologies in JEE.
  • Write maintainable web applications that separate HTML and Java
  • Design and development of web applications using Servlets and JSPs
  • Work JEE's version of dependency injection
  • Make Servlets cooperate and share data
  • Store and process session information
  • Deal with concurrency issues
  • Understand and create JavaServer Pages (JSPs)
  • Link servlets and JSPs
  • Use the built in JSP objects
  • Embed JavaBeans in a JSP
  • Use JavaBeans in a JSP

Experienced Java developers that are new to JEE who need to further develop their skills

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