Python Programming Essentials Course Details:

In this course, you will be led from the basics of writing and running Python scripts to more advanced features such as file operations, regular expressions, working with binary data, and using the extensive functionality of Python modules. Extra emphasis is placed on features unique to Python, such as tuples, array slices, and output formatting. You will immediately be able to use Python to complete tasks in the real world.

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  • Running Python scripts
  • Flow control
  • Sequence data
  • Defining functions
  • Working with files
  • Dictionaries and sets
  • Errors and exception handling
  • Using modules
  • Regular expressions
  • Highlights of the standard library
  • Introduction to Python classes
  • Advanced users, system administrators and website administrators who want to use Python to support their server installations
  • Anyone who wants to automate or simplify common tasks with the use of Python scripts

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