Avaya Aura® Contact Center Administration Course Details:

This course is designed for personnel responsible for administering and managing Avaya Aura® Contact Center Administration. In this course, you will learn how to access Contact Center Manager Administration, and configure Threshold Classes, Call Presentation Classes, Skillsets, Call Center Agents, and Call Center Supervisors. You will learn how to configure administrators through the multiple components of Access and Partition Management and how to bulk load data into the CCMA using the Configuration Tool. This course covers the CCMA interface and the acquisition of resources. Different methods of system management are discussed, including viewing, creating, and modifying tabular and graphical real time displays, and interpreting, viewing, modifying, and scheduling standard and user-defined historical reports.

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1. Contact Center Manager Administration Access

2. Administering CCMA Resources

3. Threshold Classes

4. Call Presentation Classes

5. Skillsets

6. Contact Center Management: Agents and Supervisors

7. Contact Center Management: View

8. Contact Center Management: Assignments

9. Bulk Load Data Configuration

10. Access and Partition Management

11. Real-Time Statistics and Formulas

12. Real-Time Reporting

13. Agent Desktop Display

14. Historical Statistics

15. Interpreting Reports

16. Historical Reporting

17. Putting It All Together


  • Agent and Supervisor Features
  • Agent Timing Chart
  • Agent Greeting
  • Report Creation Wizard
  • Contact Center Manager Admin (AML)
  • CCM Agents and Supervisors (AML)

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.
  • Elements of Contact Center Manager
  • Access Contact Center Manager Administration
  • Configure Threshold Classes
  • Administer Contact Center Manager Administration Resources in a SIP Environment
  • Configure Call Presentation Classes and Multiplicity Presentation Classes
  • Configure Skillsets
  • Configure Bulk Load Data Configuration in a SIP Environment
  • Configure Contact Center Management
  • Configure Access and Partition Management
  • Configure Real-Time Statistics and Formulas
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Configure Agent Desktop Displays
  • Configure Historical Statistics
  • Interpret Historical Reports
  • Schedule and Print Historical Reports

Lab 1: Logging on to the Contact Center Manager Administration

Lab 2: Adding Communications Control Toolkit Server to the Contact Center Manager Administration

Lab 3: Configure Agent, Skillset and Application Threshold Classes

Lab 4: Add and Acquire CDNs (Route Points)

Lab 5: Create Activity Codes

Lab 6: Adding the Avaya Media Server to the CCMA

Lab 7: Assigning Services to Media Servers

Lab 8: Creating Routes

Lab 9: Enabling Agent Greeting

Lab 10: Add and Acquire CDNs

Lab 11: Create and Acquire a Phoneset

Lab 12: Create Activity Codes

Lab 13: Create a Call Presentation Class to Return Calls to Queue

Lab 14: Create Skillsets

Lab 15: Download the Configuration Tool Spreadsheets

Lab 16: Upload the Data from the Spreadsheet to Contact Center Manager

Lab 17: Add New Supervisors

Lab 18: Add New Agents

Lab 19: Use Copy to Add New Agents

Lab 20: Create and Schedule an Agent to Skillset Assignment

Lab 21: Creating Report Groups, User-Defined Partitions, and Access Classes

Lab 22: Modify a user with Launchpad Options, Access Class Supervisor/Reporting Agent Combination and User-Defined Partition

Lab 23: Real Time Statistics

Lab 24: Create a Formula

Lab 25: Create an Application Formula

Lab 26: Create a Filter for Use with an Agent Real-Time Display

Lab 27: Create a Filter for Use with an Application Real-Time Display

Lab 28: Create a Private Real-Time Display to View Agent Performance

Lab 29: Create a Private Real-Time Display to View Application Performance and Save It as Public

Lab 30: Create Graphic Displays

Lab 31: Using Agent Desktop Display

Lab 32: Configure Historical Statistics

Lab 33: Generating Reports on an Ad Hoc Basis

Lab 34: Creating a Report

Lab 35: Changing a Schedule for a Report

Contact center personnel whose daily activities include administration and management of Avaya Aura® Contact Center using Contact Center Manager Administration

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