Powerful Persuasion Course Details:

Persuasion is the ability to influence people's thoughts and actions through specific strategies. In this course, you'll learn how to position your ideas and desires so that they appeal to others. You'll explore the six laws of persuasion and the most effective persuasive strategies. You'll also learn how to use persuasion to guide others to win-win solutions.

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1. Introduction

  • Definitions
  • The "Why" of Persuasion
  • Effective Persuasion
  • How to Be Persuasive
  • Usefulness of Effective Persuasion

2. Laws of Persuasion

  • The Law of Scarcity
  • The Law of Reciprocity
  • The Law of Consistency
  • The Law of Authority
  • The Law of Liking
  • The Law of Social Proof
  • Using the Laws of Persuasion

3. Persuasive Strategies

  • Sharing Facts
  • Offering a Solution
  • Sharing a New Idea
  • Telling a Story
  • Changing a View

4. Using a Persuasion at Work

  • Negotiation Is the Art of Persuasion
  • What Is Conflict?
  • Difficult People
  • The Persuasive Power of Listening
  • Tips for Being Ethical

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.
  • The difference between persuasion and manipulation
  • How to be persuasive
  • The most effective persuasive strategies and how to apply them
  • Tips for using persuasion at work
  • How to use persuasion ethically

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