AMA2121 Business Grammar Workshop Course Details:

Professionals who can write clearly and correctly are far more valuable to an organization than those whose business writing is filled with errors. Whether you need to refresh your knowledge of grammar and punctuation or know what's grammatically correct but can't always explain why, this highly interactive and collaborative seminar is the perfect and painless solution. You'll learn the standard rules for proper usage and grammar, and work with your classmates to apply what you've learned in hands-on exercises and activities. You'll return to your job with greater confidence and ability when writing any types of business correspondence.

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1. Finding typical (and not-so-typical) errors in grammar

2. Common verb mistakes:

  • Tense
  • Mood
  • Subject-verb agreement

3. Adjective-adverb confusion

4. Building and deconstructing grammatically correct sentences

5. Dangling and misplaced modifiers

6. Active and passive voice

7. Working with "exceptions to the rule"

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.
  • Produce coherent sentences that quickly get to the point
  • Edit for agreement between parts of speech within a sentence
  • Apply simple, effective tips for proper grammar, usage, and punctuation
  • Correctly proofread business messages
  • Use rules of Standard English to critique your own writing
  • Select the appropriate grammar to suit the business situation

Any professionals who want to improve their grammar skills and increase their confidence with all types of business writing

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