Office 365/2019 New Features Course Details:

It focuses on four Office 365 offerings — Word (word processing), Excel (spreadsheets), PowerPoint (presentations), and Outlook (email and calendars). By the end of this course, users should be comfortable using the new features of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook that were released in 2019 for the desktop version of Microsoft Office 365.

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Common Features

  • Keeping the Accessibility Checker running while you are working
  • Saving changes automatically with AutoSave
  • Knowing how to turn on AutoSave
  • Knowing how to find out why Auto Save is not turned on
  • Mentioning teammates in comments
  • Co-authoring
  • Inserting and customizing SVG images
  • Quickly finding and opening a file
  • Sharing files faster


Word Features

  • Using Focus
  • Opening a link to a Word document in a browser or a desktop app
  • Generating a map chart
  • Using different eraser sizes
  • Customizing a border with the Sketched option
  • Using Rewrite


Excel Features

  • Using the Ideas function to create descriptive charts and graphs
  • Inserting animated 3D graphics
  • Opening a link to an Excel spreadsheet in a browser or a desktop app
  • Customizing a border using the Sketched option
  • Generating a Map chart with an existing dataset
  • Displaying multiple results from a dynamic array formula


PowerPoint Features

  • Converting drawings to standard shapes and text
  • Inserting an online video
  • Converting Ink to Math expressions
  • Applying a Morph transition
  • Reusing slides from a previous PowerPoint presentation
  • Illustrating drawings using Ink Replay


Outlook features

  • How to feel comfortable adding animated pictures to emails
  • Scheduling meetings and appointments
  • Listening to emails
  • Inserting and customizing SVG images
  • Connecting a LinkedIn account to an Outlook account
  • Tightening spacing in the working area
  • Making notes on a picture
  • Searching for a conversation thread

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.

Students will learn Office 365 offerings,

  • Common Features
  • Word Features
  • Excel Features
  • PowerPoint Features
  • Outlook features

Office 365 users willing to understand feature updates made in 2019.

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