Introduction to Test Automation (TT3511) Course Details:

Introduction to Test Automation is a one-day, hands-on event designed to provide participants with the skills required to develop a custom test automation plan and architecture for their organization.  Throughout the course, students will examine and work through various practical examples, learning how to create an integrated test automation plan and develop a test automation architecture. Participants will also learn about the possible real-world challenges they may face while trying to accomplish their goals, exploring the practical positive aspects of engaging their technical team, along with the possible frustrations of experiencing too much isolation between test automators and test designers.

Guided by our expert facilitator, students will:

  • Learn the approaches that ensure your current test tools—and new test tools you acquire or develop—will work well with existing testing and application lifecycle software.
  • Explore approaches qualitatively and quantitatively measuring the value of automation.
  • Develop an integrated test automation plan and architecture specifically for their organization
  • Explore proven steps for assessing their current test automation state and defining a future test automation roadmap and architecture
  • Get access to templates and examples they can use to draft their own test automation plan
  • Leave with a draft plan and architecture that they can begin to implement

While several test automation frameworks will be presented and discussed, this course focuses on helping students assess their current automation state, identify gaps, and develop an automation plan and integrated tool architecture.  Students will also explore and receive templates and resources to get them started on their journey toward developing a more comprehensive strategy, plan, and integrated tool architecture. The goal is for attendees to be able to draft a plan specific to their organization so they can get real work done in parallel with the real-time learning experience.

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Course Context

  • Automation beginnings
  • Software as a series of imperfect translations

The Compelling Business Needs for Automation

  • Automation the next opportunity
  • Islands of Automation
  • Getting products to market more quickly, at the right costs and quality

Automation Challenges and Requirements

  • Automation Challenges
  • Test Automation Key Requirements

Foundational material for your automation plan

  • Templates
  • Questions
  • Examples
  • Virtual Consulting included with this course

Automation plan vision and strategy

  • Vision, Strategy, Approach Example
  • Defining your end in mind
  • Deciding where to start
  • Engaging Others

Conducting a current state tools inventory

  • Assessing your current state - tools and processes
  • Tools inventory example and template
  • Radar Chart as a means of presenting current state information

Consider the best automation approach

  • Waterfall vs. agile cycles of work
  • Aligning tools with your methodologies
  • Strategies for Automating
  • The Test Automation Pyramid

Developing your test automation architecture

  • Blocks of automation capabilities
  • Islands of Automation
  • Integrated Tools Architecture Template
  • Integrated Tools Architecture Examples

Test automation architecture examples

  • Examples of different test automation architectures and frameworks
  • Selenium
  • Key Test Automation Architecture Characteristics

Acceptance test-driven and behavior-driven testing overview

  • Test automation approaches
  • FitNesse
  • Cucumber
  • Gherkin script overview
  • Tool workflow 

Considerations for what to automate and when

  • Categories of tests that might be automated
  • We have many tool choices
  • Key points in Test Tool Architecture Planning

Piloting and Implementing automation

  • Selecting and evaluating tools and rolling them out
  • Selling Automation - qualitative questions
  • Selling Automation - quantitative questions

Measuring automation benefits

  • Measures in technical terms
  • Measures in business terms
  • Measures of testing vs. measures of test automation

Next Steps

  • A few keys to success

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.

Working in an interactive learning environment, led by our expert facilitator, attendees will learn to:

  • Document the current state of test automation in your organization
  • Define a custom test automation plan and architecture to fit their situation
  • Create an initial implementation plan
  • Identify initial key measures
  • Develop a metrics dashboard for tracking the value of test automation
  • Lay out a future strategy and roadmap to get there

The content is appropriate for test automation engineering roles, test manager roles, test lead roles, test architect roles, as well as developer roles.

This course assumes you have a foundational understanding of testing and the purpose of automation. This course will be beneficial to anyone who is accountable for assessing, planning, designing, and implementing an integrated set of technology (testing infrastructure) that supports development, testing, and deployment.

Experienced system administrators and system integrators responsible for designing and implementing vRealize Automation.

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