Developing Positive Assertiveness Course Details:

This dynamic full-day class will help participants improve teamwork, focus discussions, and build relationships, but will also help individuals to become competent, constructive, confident, and perform at their best. Further, you will learn how to ask for what you need, handle confrontations gracefully, and put your ideas forward with confidence.

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Lesson 1: How to Develop Positive Assertiveness

  • Three Basic Behavior Styles
  • Can Behaviors Change?

Lesson 2: Ensuring Successful Change

  • The Five Ps of Successful Change
  • Are You Using the Right Maps?
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
  • Positive Mental Imagery
  • Programming Yourself for Success

Lesson 3: Feelings: The Emotional Part of Assertiveness

  • The Emotions of Assertiveness
  • Choice and Win-Win Relationships
  • Talking About Feelings

Lesson 4: Changing Your Behaviors

  • Choosing Assertive Words Carefully
  • Body-Language Signals
  • Stop Signs and Green Lights

Lesson 5: Expanding Your Assertiveness

  • Four Assertive Styles
  • Sending Assertive Messages
  • Identify Styles to Enhance Communication

Lesson 6: Assertive Power Steps

  • Four Steps to Assertive Communication
  • Step 1: Repeat the Question or Statement
  • Step 2: Command, Don't Ask
  • Step 3: Add Emotion
  • Step 4: Introduce Consequences

Lesson 7: Assertive Confrontation

  • Defining the Problem
  • Five Tools for Successful Confrontation
  • Active Listening
  • Goals for the Present and Future
  • Give Yourself Credit for Success


  • Summary and Review
  • Follow-Up Practice Exercises

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.
  • Develop Positive Assertiveness
  • Ensure Successful Change
  • Feelings: The Emotional Part of Assertiveness
  • Changing Your Behaviors
  • Expanding Your Assertiveness
  • Assertive Power Steps
  • Assertive Confrontation

Any professional who wants to develop a confident communication style.

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