Introduction to Cisco ACI v4 Course Details:

Some of the characteristic challenges that you may experience with a classic data center include time-consuming application deployment, error-prone switch-by-switch configuration, and problematic application performance monitoring. Cisco ACI helps resolve these typical data center issues by significantly reducing customer application deployment time and improving IT alignment with business objectives and policy requirements.

In this course, you will practice developing essential skills for setting up a basic Cisco ACI Fabric. You will discover how data center components correspond to ACI Fabric components, and you will gain a deeper knowledge of the operation of an EPG, Bridge Domain, VRF, AEP, and many other features of ACI through the process of configuring a basic ACI Fabric. Hands-on labs will guide you through basic steps to set up switches, group devices by application, apply policies at an application level, and give application level visibility for troubleshooting. By the end of this class, you will have a strong fundamental understanding to help you further develop your ACI admin abilities, such as troubleshooting issues that could arise.


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Module1: Why Cisco ACI?

Lesson 1: What is it?
Lesson 2: The APIC GUI

Module 2: Discover the Cisco ACI fabric

Lesson 1: Discover ACI fabric switches

Module 3: Configure a basic Cisco ACI fabric

Lesson 1: Create fabric Access Policies
Lesson 2: Create Tenants
Lesson 3: Create an Application Profile and EPGs
Lesson 4: Associate EPGs with VMM domains
Lesson 5: Configure Contracts
Lesson 6: Create an external L3 policy using OSPF

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.
  • Discover fabric components
  • Create a Tenant
  • Create Tenant components; VRFs, BDs, ANPs, EPGs
  • Create a Fabric Access policy
  • Create an Application Profile
  • Create a VMM domain
  • Create Contracts


Lab 0: Remote Lab Access and Login
Lab 1: Discover the ACI fabric
Lab 2: Create fabric Access Policies
Lab 3: Create Tenants
Lab 4: Create an Application Profile and EPGs
Lab 5: Associate EPGs with VMM domains
Lab 6: Configure Contracts
Lab 7: Create an external L3 policy using OSPF

  • DCICN or DCICT or equivalent experience or knowledge
  • Server virtualization knowledge


  • Field engineers
  • Support engineers
  • Server administrators
  • Network administrators
  • Storage administrators
  • Team leads
  • Administrators in a technical role


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