Microsoft has restructured its Azure certifications into a role-based model that will more directly focus on the building of skills and knowledge aligned to job roles. There were changes made after identifying what is required to support those job roles. The new role-based certifications have four tiers of designation, each of which earns you a different level of Microsoft certification:

Microsoft Azure: AZ-900

Microsoft Certifications: Fundamentals Certifications

The Azure Fundamentals certification is currently the only one at this level. This is not required to move up, but it is the best starting point for anyone who is pursuing Azure certifications. Pass the AZ-900 exam.

Microsoft Azure: DP-200

Microsoft Certifications: Associate Certifications

If you already know your way around Azure well, you may feel comfortable starting here. There are currently six Associate certifications: Azure Security Engineer Associate, Azure Administrator Associate, Azure AI Engineer Associate, Azure Data Engineer Associate, Azure Data Scientist Associate, and Azure Developer Associate. Pass any of the AZ-104, AZ-204, AI-100 exams or pass the DP-100, DP-200, and DP-201 exams.

Microsoft Azure: AZ-300

Microsoft Certifications: Expert Certifications

If you have serious tech chops, you may be ready for these. An Associate certification (either the Azure Developer Associate or Azure Administrator Associate) is required for the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert, but the Azure Solutions Architect Expert has no prerequisite certs. Pass the AZ-303 and AZ-304 exams or pass the AZ-400 exam.

Microsoft Azure: AZ-300

Microsoft Certifications: Specialty Certifications

There are currently two of these — the Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty and Azure IoT Developer Specialty certifications. Pass the AZ-120 or the AZ-220 exam.

If you are new to Azure or you are looking to expand upon your current cloud knowledge, we can offer an overview to help with mapping your path and choosing the Azure courses that will help you meet your goals.

There is no single path for everyone, and getting started in the cloud can be overwhelming. Whether you are looking to move into a high salary cloud career or just looking to improve your existing cloud skills, Microsoft Azure certifications are a fantastic choice. They are sure to bring value to your employer and your career! All Azure certifications can be obtained remotely, meaning you can earn your certification while working from home.


  • Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals (Fundamentals)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator (Associate)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Developer (Associate)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate (Associate)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate (Associate)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Security Engineer (Associate)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist (Associate)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect (Expert)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer (Expert)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure for SAP Workloads (Specialty)
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure IoT Developer (Specialty)

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