Online classes are a useful way to advance your IT career or change careers. We created different types of training because we know some people want in-person work (and sometimes you need it to learn hardware). But our online classes remain popular because it’s far easier to fit them into your schedule. We know taking a class online may seem daunting, so here is what to expect if you’ve signed up:

What happens once I register and pay?
You’ll receive an email confirmation with login information and additional details about the course.

How do I access my online class?
Go to the link in the email and click on it.

Do I need to be ready for my class at a certain time?
Yes. We recommend logging in at least 10 minutes early. Make sure you are prepared to take notes.

Does my online IT class have homework?
Most of our courses do not have homework. Your labs will be completed during class times. However, we do recommend that you review and study the material so that you are sure to pass your exam and receive your certification!

What if I have questions?
Prior to the start of your course, you may always direct questions to us using the contact page on our website. Once you have started your course, you will be given the contact information for your instructor as well.

Your success is our priority, so we will be sure to answer any questions promptly!