Online classes for VMware, Comp, Microsoft, and other IT provide many advantages — especially the ease of taking them on your time at your chosen location. But of course, the reason you’re taking those classes is to gain a certification and advance your IT career, whether it’s time for a new job or a promotion at your current one. 

Many of our students dislike taking tests, and we understand! Certification classes all have a final exam, which is multiple choice and lasts about two hours. If you’re nervous, fear not! Here are three tips for passing the test and getting the certification you need.  

  1. Take notes during each class. Your trainer will let you know as you go which material is critical and will be part of the final exam. As you take notes, be sure to mark those items so you can go back through your notes and refresh your memory.
  2. When attending class, be sure you are in a quiet and uninterrupted environment. Online courses are convenient, but in some cases, people find they are more distracted because they are at home around children, pets, or other distractions. 
  3. Ask questions! If you hated school, you’re not alone. But asking questions isn’t something to shy away from now. Questions show you’re interested and that you’re learning. Classes are conducted live online so that you can learn by doing.
  4. Review the daily courseware and labs every evening to keep the material fresh and help you think of questions. 
  5. Take advantage of our Test Preparation Day. One of the ways Global IT helps you succeed is that we offer a full day for test preparation. Your success is our top priority. The day of test prep occurs the day before the certification test, so everything will be fresh in your mind. During this time, your trainer will lead you through review and can answer any questions live. 

Failed the exam?

Don’t worry. Global IT offers one free make-up exam within the year if you don’t pass. 
What tips do you have that you’d share with fellow students? 

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