IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundation (Ultimate Bootcamp)

If you are an IT professional looking to get into IT service management using ITIL best practices, the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) Foundation Certification (2011 Edition) course is the first step in your preparation. The course will prepare you for the ITIL Foundation exam, introducing you to basic concepts used in IT service management. In this course, you will acquire the essential skills and information necessary to lead and manage an IT business service through every stage of its lifecycle.

Implementing and supporting IT services in the workplace can often be a daunting task since all organizations differ in key ways. Whether it’s upgrading from one service to another, improving an existing service, or designing a service from scratch, business-focused leadership and management are crucial elements of services that your customers will perceive as valuable. The course will prepare you for the ITIL Foundation exam, introducing you to basic concepts used in IT service management. In this course, you will identify the fundamental concepts of ITIL to help prepare yourself for the Foundation Certification.

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Lesson 1: Introduction to ITIL

  • ITIL Basics
  • The Service Lifecycle

Lesson 2: Continual Service Improvement

  • Basic Concepts of Continual Service Improvement
  • CSI Principles

Lesson 3: Service Operation

  • Basic Concepts of Service Operation
  • The Event Management Process
  • The Incident Management Process
  • The Problem Management Process
  • The Request Fulfillment Process
  • The Access Management Process

Lesson 4: Service Operation Functions

  • The Service Desk Function
  • The Technical Management Function
  • The IT Operations Management Function
  • The Application Management Function

Lesson 5: Service Transition

  • Basic Concepts of Service Transition
  • The Transition Planning and Support Process
  • The Change Management Process
  • The Service Asset and Configuration Management Process
  • The Release and Deployment Management Process
  • The Knowledge Management Process

Lesson 6: Service Design

  • Basic Concepts of Service Design
  • The Design Coordination Process
  • The Service Level Management Process
  • The Service Catalog Management Process
  • The Availability Management Process
  • The Capacity Management Process
  • The Information Security Management Process
  • IT Service Continuity Management
  • The Supplier Management Process

Lesson 7: Service Strategy

  • Basic Concepts of Service Strategy
  • The Financial Management Process
  • The Service Portfolio Management Process
  • The Demand Management Process
  • The Business Relationship Management Process


  • Syllabus Mapping

*Please Note: Course Outline is subject to change without notice. Exact course outline will be provided at time of registration.

In this course, you will describe the fundamental concepts of ITIL®, and identify the stages of the IT Service Management Lifecycle. You will do so by first analyzing existing services in the Continual Service Improvement (CSI) state, and then working back through the service lifecycle to the initiation of services in Service Strategy (SS).

You will:

  • Describe the history and basic concepts of ITIL.
  • Describe Continual Service Improvement in the IT Service Lifecycle.
  • Describe Service Operation in the IT Service Lifecycle.
  • Describe the various functions of Service Operation Lifecycle in the IT Service Lifecycle.
  • Describe Service Transition in the IT Service Lifecycle.
  • Describe Service Design in the IT Service Lifecycle.
  • Describe Service Strategy in the IT Service Lifecycle.

Familiarity with IT terminology and IT-related work experience are recommended.

The target student is any IT professional who works in IT service support and delivery: including Service Desk/Help Desk managers and staff; IT department managers; or any other IT support and delivery roles; who either wishes to advance to service management, benefit from the knowledge of a de facto standard for describing IT service and support, or who wishes to refine their skills in their current service management job to include ITIL best practices.

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