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Frankly it is awesome. I am learning a lot of valuable info, the instructor is very knowledgeable and so far responds to all my questions pertinently. These are long days and starts early out here on the West Coast, but the sound quality as well as the labs response are irreproachable. So yes I love it. Can’t wait until you release vCAP 6.0!!!

Steph Thimonier

VMware vSphere Advanced Admin & VCAP5-DCA Prep course

Wow. Shawn definitely knows his stuff regarding all aspects of this course (VMware, Exchange, AD, etc.). His presentation of the material was excellent too. I have nothing but positive feedback regarding Shawn.

Jeff Pederson

Microsoft Exchange 2013 Ultimate Bootcamp

Bob is a VMware View 5.1 stud and definitely will bring us value savings from being in his course.

John N.

VMware View Ultimate Bootcamp Student

Classroom was setup very easy and I enjoyed that I could utilize a total virtual environment to myself.

Robert M. Tilley

Microsoft Exchange Ultimate Bootcamp

[The] instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced and…he had answers to all the questions raised by the participants, not only answered them but also gave recommendations as part of the answers. This is good news, we are going to spread the word…

Casimiro Sánchez

vSphere® Ultimate Bootcamp Course Audit

I took the CVE (Certified Virtualization Expert) exam today, I was very confident in the material and broke my personal fastest exam time record. I finished the exam in under 13 minutes. That’s not to say it wasn’t a challenging exam though–this exam I really worked hard on, and taking the exam was a joy being so confident in the material. I should go get my VCP right away but since the requirements for being a VCP isn’t just passing the exam, you also have to attend a required VMware training course I am discouraged from obtaining my VCP.”

None the less, the CVE exam was more challenging then what I read from the VCP Exam Blueprint, you have to know a lot of command-line stuff for CVE. VCP on the other hand doesn’t really require a lot of command-line knowledge. I really enjoyed the training course I attended this past week that helped prepare me for the CVE. Plus I had one of the best instructors ever Shawn MacArthur. He wasn’t a death by PowerPoint kind of guy, kept it very fun and engaging and put up with my shenanigans for a week.

Micheal Requeny

vSphere® Ultimate Bootcamp

These guys are like the Darth Vaders of the network world. I’m glad they are on our side since this was a security course. Our instructor was amazing and by far the best guy we’ve seen here. This guy is world class.

Jim B


Shawn did a great job providing a wealth of knowledge on the course material. He was great at answering any questions and providing possible solutions to issues we are likely to see in a production environment.

Ryan Sampson

vSphere Ultimate Bootcamp Student

I liked the content and labs for this class better than the VMware® class that I took last year prior to my implementation. This course involved a lot more command line work. I learn a lot of linux commands this week, which turned out to be a good thing. Being a GUI user this experience taught me that there is more to VMware® than just the GUI. I appreciate that and want to learn more about what is behind the GUI.

Anonymous end of class courseware review

vSphere® Ultimate Bootcamp

One of the best classes I ever attended.

C. Thompson


The Instructor had a deep understanding of the technology and was very knowledgeable in the application. He was able to answer questions very easily and his enthusiasm helped keep the class interesting.

E. Wagner

Stanley Consultants

Really great environment and service! If I ever take another bootcamp, it will definitely be here!

R. Myers

OPM, Inc.

The real world experience they bring into the classroom is second to none. The instructors are excellent!


After taking VMware’s® Install and Configure and the DSA class, I thought I knew how to secure our virtual environment. I realized after this class how vulnerable our infrastructure is.

Alex W.

Sr. Network Administrator

Outstanding Instructors and Very Informational.

H. Perry

Kraton Polymers

Tom is a great instructor with a lot of field and hands on experience as well. It’s nice to learn from someone who has actually worked on the technology in real life instead of just playing in the lab environment.

Kiran Agrahara

Managing App and Desktop Solutions with XenDesktop 7.5 (CXD-203)

I wanted to express my thanks to you for all you help in getting me into the Ultimate Bootcamp class last week. I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot. Thank you for always answering my questions and doing it very promptly. I will definitely recommend Global [IT Training] to others who may be looking at taking classes.

Mark Frasco

VMware vSphere Ultimate Bootcamp Student

I appreciate the comfort level that the training gave me using the software. I wish I was able to work with VMWare more than I am now, but I guess I still have to pay my dues. All of the materials that I have are a great reference if I have any questions.

Michael Barr

vSphere® Ultimate Bootcamp Student

I have taken the VMware vSphere 4.1 Authorized class and passed the test for 4.1 and this class was hands down better than their class. The vSphere Ultimate Bootcamp class was more relative to my job than the VMware class and it actually had examples from the real world.

Anonymous end of class comments

Quite honestly ‘One of the best IT Boot Camps I’ve attended thus far in my career as an IT Professional spanning over 18 years now!’ [The Instructor] is certainly an asset to the IT Professional Training community. His personal knowledgebase in Enterprise Hardware virtualization solutions is quite vast and his skills as an instructor are top-notch providing an equal base of best practice theory, real world working knowledge and proven industry concepts. [Hardware (computers, bandwidth, datacenter)] is above average in my personal opinion.

Shane Vanaman

vSphere Ultimate Bootcamp Student

[The instructor] knows the course material and made it interesting throughout. You can tell when someone likes what they are teaching.

Robert M. Tilley

Microsoft Exchange Ultimate Bootcamp

I have taken over 1000 Hours of IT training, and I would rate my instructor in the top 2 of all the instructors I have ever had! Great class!

Steve B.

US Navy Seal

Shawn is very knowledgeable and was able to communicate effectively.

Zach Birge

Microsoft Exchange Ultimate Bootcamp

Great Course! Instructor was knowledgeable and he made the week fun while learning a ton of things. Thanks again!

B. Tonne

Limo Link, Inc.

I previously took a VMware® class and was very unsatisfied with the experience. I recently took the VMware® Ultimate Bootcamp®. I found the instructor a lot more personable, easier to follow and understand. The instructor seemed a lot more knowledgeable and was able answer question immediately. The sheer number of labs and depth of training were just what I needed to implement our VMware® solution. We are implementing a new VMware® solution and will be able to set up and configure the entire solution. I would recommend this class to anyone that needs VMware® training that needs a deep dive into the realm of VMware®.

Brian L.

vSphere® Ultimate Bootcamp

Met my expectations and significantly bumped my knowledge and competitiveness within a short time frame. Couldn’t have done it on my own.

J. Yuen

Palliria Group, Inc.

This bootcamp style provided the most course material in the least amount of time and cost. This provides more advanced users (technology in general) a better course. We are implementing VMware® now. This course provided me with the knowledge to set things up correctly the first time. I would suggest this training to anyone who uses or is implementing VMware®.

Jake S.

vSphere® Ultimate Bootcamp

[The instructor] was good and he challenged us by encouraging us to work out problems with our lab partners. I appreciated that he is an experienced IT professional and could offer advice and a keen insight into the topic of VMware® administration.

Anonymous end of class instructor review

One of the things I like best is being able to try “What if” Scenarios. In a production environment you just can’t get away with that…So the chance to try the “what if” scenarios, and have someone knowledgeable there to help you work through the problems is Priceless!


The Instructor was probably the best instructor I have ever had. His combination of humor, professionalism, and true understanding of VMware and IT in general made this intensive course a true joy. Of all the different training institutions I have been to, [yours] continues to be the top. Definitely looking forward to attending more classes.


Manager of IT

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